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1.1 Transactions Between Sellers and Buyers

We function as a passive conduit for the distribution of information about items advertised for sale, with no direct involvement in transactions. We disclaim control and, within legal bounds, make no warranties regarding the suitability, quality, safety, or legality of items listed on the - - site. We do not guarantee the accuracy of advertising listings or the ability of sellers and buyers to complete transactions.

1.2 Placing an Ad

(a) When placing an ad on the - - site, compliance with our Rules for ad details is mandatory.
(b) By using the site, you assign to us all copyright in your ad and provided content ("Your Content").
(c) A royalty-free license is granted to us and our related entities to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, and sublicense your ad and Your Content for various purposes.
(d) We may transfer, assign, subcontract, or novate our rights and/or obligations under this agreement to a third party at our discretion.
(e) You provide irrevocable consent for the reproduction and use of your ads and Your Content by - - in various ways.
(f) Videos attached to ads may be uploaded to YouTube, subject to our right to remove or alter them.
(g) Compliance with YouTube Terms of Use is required.
(h) Acknowledgment that removed videos may still be accessible on YouTube, independent of their removal from our site.

1.3 Minimum Age and Legal Rights

(a) Users must be at least 18 years old to engage in ad placement, buying, or posting comments on the - - sites.
(b) Sellers must legally be able to sell the advertised item.

1.4 Usage Rules

(a) Warranties against unlawful or prohibited use of the - - sites are mandatory.
(b) Users must not engage in data mining, automated searches, incorporate site content into other materials, create links to external websites, or use the site for illegal activities.

1.5 Our Right to Alter or Withdraw Material

We reserve the right to alter, withdraw, or refuse material provided by users, notifying them of any changes. Users are refunded the difference if ad alteration lowers its cost.

1.6 Communications to You

(a) Communications or notices from us regarding your transactions do not endorse or guarantee those transactions.
(b) Service-related emails may lack an unsubscribe option.

1.7 Manipulation and Improper Use

Users must not manipulate or interfere with item listings or prices on the - - sites

1.8 Fees

(a) Users are responsible for fees specified in our Fees and Surcharge Policy.

1.9 No Warranty

(a) Information on the sites is provided "as is," and we do not warrant completeness, currency, or error-free content.
(b) Advertisers' warranties form the basis for accepting ads; users must assess the suitability and quality of advertised goods or services.

1.10 Our Liability to You

(a) Our liability is governed by the terms in this document and consumer protection laws.
(b) We accept liability for breach of contract or negligence but have limitations, including exemptions for certain losses.

1.11 Our Liability to Us

(a) Users are liable for breach of contract or negligence.
(b) Users agree to indemnify us against claims caused by their breach of the Terms.

1.12 Termination, Suspension, and Limitation of Your Access

(a) Access may be terminated, suspended, or limited for material breach, with or without prior notice.
(b) Circumvention of actions is prohibited and may result in immediate ad removal and forfeiture of fees.

1.13 Our Other Rights to Terminate, Suspend, or Limit Your Access

Access may be suspended, terminated, or limited with adequate warning for reasons including non-payment, legal requirements, risk mitigation, and serious complaints.

1.14 Additional Guidelines and Policies

(a) Users must adhere to additional policies, rules, and guidelines listed under - - Policies, Rules for ad details, Category Rules, Community Terms of Use, and Third Party Listing Tools Guidelines.